Core Features


SchoolLEARNer provides students a clear and easy way to access and complete online tasks. They receive responsive feedback and their results are archived for future reference.

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SchoolLEARNer provides teachers the ability to set up classes and create online tasks for their students. Once the tasks are complete, they may review the results and make informative decisions.

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SchoolLEARNer provides parents the ability to check their child's online tasks. It helps them be informed and involved in their child's school work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    SchoolLEARNer is completely free! No Ads, no 'Pro version' just free.

  • What do I need to use SchoolLEARNer?

    SchoolLEARNer is a purely online service so all you need is an internet connection and browser, that's it! It is designed to work on any device be it computer, mobile or tablet.

  • Where do I start?

    Start by registering a user to create your school. Next, log in and follow the step by step guide to create your school and get started.

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